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Hey, welcome to the Crush Your Goals! media page. This page is dedicated to highlighting news and events surrounding my blog, the book, and me personally.

If you would like me to come on your podcast, radio, or TV show, want me to speak at an event, or lead a training or workshop, please visit my Work with Austin page at Daily New Year’s.

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How To Crush Your #Goals w/Austin Bollinger | #MakingIt Podcast Episode #12

Photo of Austin Bollinger and Kyler Miles on the Making it Podcast.

Austin Bollinger on the Chaos to Calm Web Series with Tina Venema

From Chaos to Calm:

“Have you ever made a New Years’ resolution only to find a few weeks or months into the new year you are beating yourself up or rationalizing why you aren’t reaching your goals? I think it’s a pretty universal experience!

Today’s interview with Austin Bollinger is going to show you how some small mindset shifts can change all that for you! I hope you enjoy this interview with Austin as he sets out on a mission to build a happy tribe of Goal Getters!!”

Austin Bollinger on the The Focus Bee Podcast with Katie Stoddart

From The Focus Bee:

“Really excited to announce the first episode of my podcast!! The Focus Bee SHOW! In this first episode, I interview Austin Bollinger – success coach & bestselling author of Crush Your Goals! on the link between goal setting and performance.

A few of the topics we cover are:

Thank you, Austin for a fantastic first episode! Any review, feedback, and subscription to the show would be greatly appreciated!”

Crush Your Goals and Reduce Goal Competition with Austin Bollinger of Daily New Years on the AntiFool Podcast

Austin Bollinger Talks about Inspired Living and Focused Goals on the Fit For Joy Podcast

Austin Bollinger Talks Goal Setting Strategies and More on the Tips with Te Podcast

Talking About Crush Your Goals! on Real Rock 99.3’s Community Corner and 93.9 The River’s Humans in Tune.

Photo of Austin Bollinger and DJ, Darren Burgfeld in the studio of Real Rock 99.3 discussing Austin's book, Crush Your Goals! Austin Bollinger and DJ, Darren Burgfeld in the studio of Real Rock 99.3 discussing Austin's book, Crush Your Goals!

Austin Bollinger Talks Goal Setting in the 2020 New Year at Codefi’s January Meet the Member

Austin Bollinger speaks at Codefi's monthly Meet the Member event about setting goals in the 2020 New Year.

Every month Codefi of Cape Girardeau, Missouri hosts a Meet the Member event, fireside chat style, and I was honored to be their guest in January.

January is famous for New Year’s resolutions and Codefi wanted me to come in and chat about my new book, Crush Your Goals! and how goal setting is a better approach to success than resolutions. It was an exciting discussion and the audience asked several insightful, and engaging questions.

If audio or video of this event is made available, I will share it here.

Thanks again Codefi!

Austin Bollinger Talks Goal Setting, Leadership, and More with Alex Carmeli on Facebook Live

Photo of Alex Carmeli and Austin Bollinger during a Facebook Live Event Alex Carmeli and Austin Bollinger during a Facebook Live Event

Recently I had the please of joining Alex Carmeli, founder of the We Build Killer Teams group on Facebook and Her community exists for purpose-driven leaders who want to build a team who show up for more than a paycheck, work for something greater than themselves and runs the show when we’re running on empty.

If you’re ready to build a team that makes a huge impact, you need to join her group. It’s a private group, so you’ll need to join to watch our conversation, but trust me, it’s something you’ll definitely want to do.

From Arch Dev Ops:

“In this episode, I talk with Austin Bollinger, best selling author and host at The Daily New Year’s Podcast about goal setting. It’s on the mind of all kinds of business owners (and… probably everybody, really). What makes a good goal to shoot for? And how do you start?

And once you have that goal, then rather than using the beginning of the year as the time to start, why not just start now? And why not set a series of small goals?

That really is the key to fostering new habits. If you want lasting change, you don’t have to boil the ocean. Just start now, and just start small.”

Talking About Crush Your Goals! and Forgetting About New Year’s Resolutions on the Author’s Lane

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