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Crush Your Goals!

It’s time for an exciting goal-setting strategy that gets real, consistent results.

CRUSH YOUR GOALS! is the first and last book you’ll ever need for living the success-driven life you’ve been dreaming of. Get your copy today!

About the Book

What's Inside

Get Yourself Unstuck

Plan your dream life and overcome the fears that are keeping you stuck.

Overcome Obstacles

Overcome perfection paralysis, obstacles, setbacks, and even the fear of failure.

Achieve More All Year

Identify, set, and achieve long term, goals using the new FOCUSED framework.

Develop a Goal Getter's Mindset

Learn to build a rock-solid foundation for your lifetime of goal-setting success.

Become Better Every Day

Gain the confidence you need to stop quitting and start becoming Better Every Day.

Take Action Today!

Take action, set priorities, and stay focused all year long, no matter what!

What's Included

More Than a Book

Crush Your Goals! is more than just a book about goal setting; it’s a hands-on guide packed with everything you need for living the success-driven life you’ve been dreaming of. Fine-tune your focus, eliminate your overwhelm, and maximize your success.

A Complete, Guided Approach

Four comprehensive sections, from getting started with goal setting to dealing with difficulties, and everything in between.

Success-Driven Strategies

Step-by-step, easy-to-implement strategies for setting successful goals all year long—no more abandoned resolutions!

Hands-on Worksheets

29 guided, goal setting worksheets, templates, and self-assessments for maximizing your growth and performance.

Hands-On Material

The Free, Crush Your Goals! Field Guide
Assessments, Worksheets, Templates, & More!

16 Uniquely Awesome Chapters

Quick Reference Recaps

Over 25 Unique Worksheets

Abundant Space for Reflection

Goal Setting Templates

Inspiring & Informative Content

Get Started Today

Maximize Your

Crush Your Goals! is the best tool for helping you find your focus, eliminate your overwhelm, and achieve success without wasting years of your life or spinning your wheels.

Success is in you. It’s time to Crush Your Goals!

ABOUT the author

Austin Bollinger
Author of Crush Your Goals!

Austin Bollinger founded his blog, Daily New Years, in 2018 with the mission of helping people ditch the old, tired concept of setting New Years Resolutions and instead, focus on their dreams, goals, and ambitions all year long.

Crush Your Goals! is his exciting new book that covers how to identify, set, and crush your goals all year long.


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Crush Your Goals! shot to the top of Amazon’s best-seller list across several categories in just ten days, and people are talking about how much they love the book. Join them by getting your copy today.
Dr. Greg Pursley

Crush Your Goals made it possible for me to organize my thoughts and create a plan to reach my goals! Austin's worksheets helped me break my goals down in to manageable chunks so I could accomplish a little every day without feeling overwhelmed! Thanks to this book I'm on my way to my dream life!

Dharshaka Dias

Austin has been a mentor to many who have struggled to identify their purpose in life, let him be your personal GPS helping you navigate goal setting maze step by step in this unique and effective guide.

Katie Young

This book is an absolute must-read for goal setting. Austin dives deep into what actually works when setting goals and this book (along with the workbook) have helped me so much in my journey to better my life. This will help with to frame your mindset so that you can succeed with your goals. Highly highly recommend this book.

Nate Gautier

Austin’s book will challenge and inspire you. Don't feel like getting something done? Don’t think you have the time? Crush Your Goals! will re-wire your thought processes and assist you in finding practical ways to exceed your expectations.

Lavonne Ayoub

I love the way this author guides you through the process of goal setting by helping the reader to discover more about themselves along the way. This book will help you refocus and get you back in the game if you have lost your momentum and help you overcome any challenges that may be holding you back, so you can achieve your goals. Thanks for writing this timely book - very helpful!


This book is really good! I like it because the author explains why some of us don't like goal setting. For instance, because of fear of loss or being ridiculed, fear of failure, or success. He then takes it apart and packages it up again neatly and coherently. I'll join his FaceBook group. I need to hear more of what he has to share. Fresh, clear, and inspiring. I like the Daily New Year's!

Camila Arguello

Let me start with: I've been in personal development for years, having been in the sales world for 6+. As a result, most books/talks on goals feel tired to me (prob just due to lack of sufficient implementation on my part). That said, this was by far one of the most valuable books I've read. It was a refreshing step by step take and although it covered plenty I knew, it gave me great reminders and ideas. After implementing this time-blocking technique, I've had the most productive & more importantly, internally peaceful week in months if not years. BUY IT!

Pravin Bhandari

I am not a big reader but this book is definitely very easy to read and very helpful in goal settings. Austin Bollinger has done a great job presenting strategies for goal settings. I started reading the online edition of the book and was impressed with everything ,so I got the book so I can refer back to it as needed.

I always focussed on how I can achieve goal, but now I understand I was not focussing on right thing and should have focussed on why. I am going to try the strategies from the book and recommend this to everyone who are struggling setting their goals. Great job Austin!

Matt Kinder

This book does a great job of offering a fresh perspective on how to best set your goals & then actually meet them. I'm someone who likes to set goals and knows nothing feels better than meeting those goals, but this book has helped me form an actual strategy around doing both on a regular basis. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to improve their personal or professional life in a positive way by accomplishing more of what they set out to do.

Travis Grither

If you're looking for a guide to truly help you stay on track with your goals, this is it. Crush Your Goals! starts at the ground level, assisting you in developing the actual thought process behind your goal. It then guides you along the way, advising you how to navigate through the tougher stages of capturing your goal. This book isn't just a regurgitated version of any other ``self-development, goal setting`` piece of literature you may be accustomed to. It's given me a refreshing spin on how to set goals and a clearer vision of how to accomplish them.

Derek Holland

This is the book that I have been waiting for! I've read many books about ``self-help``; however, none of them would keep my attention. Crush Your Goals has kept my attention and has helped me figure out what will work best for me to better myself everyday and to achieve what I want. I'm currently working on reading it through for the second time. Taking my time and working through the workbook as well. Austin give many great examples throughout the book that helps bring certain concepts into a better prospective. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for something more in life!!!

Dr. Isi Idemudia

“If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that action and momentum are the keys to success in any endeavor.“ These words resonate with me. I particularly liked the matrix helping us know what’s important or not. Very practical guide to crush your goals.

Daniel Boren

Get this book! It's life changing! The author's passion of goal setting and living your best life is shown in every paragraph. It is very well written. While reading Crush Your Goals it feels like the author is speaking directly to you because it's so relatable. This has 100% helped me become more successful at running my business. Follow along as this book was designed and I guarantee you'll feel more confident, overcome fears, and seriously start crushing your goals. I could go on and on about how amazing this book is. Go ahead and do yourself a favor, check out this masterpiece by Austin Bollinger.

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Crush Your Goals! by Austin Bollinger

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